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Real Estate Star, Bryan Casella joins Jason Hartman from sunny California to share tips on getting started in real estate. This interview is all about having a top producer mindset. Bryan shares his story from pro basketball to real estate broker and the tips he’s learned about being on a high level of success. Bryan answers questions about what he studied to gain the knowledge and tactics he used to get ahead. 

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] How did you go from a professional basketball player to a real estate broker?

[6:00] “Getting started and door knocking was my claim to fame.” - Casella

[7:13] Were you prospecting in a sort of shotgun-style, or farming specific areas?

[8:45] In regards to career-advancing, Casella studied the greats and got certified in hypnotism. Mind and communication versus sales and techniques. 

[12:00] Are you the agent concerned about the latest and greatest tech, shotgun, and sweat, or combining the two?

[15:12] It’s the Production versus Production Capacity balance. 





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