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Necessity is the mother of all invention, so let’s talk about creative destruction. The world is fast-tracking technology, and everyone is on zoom. The changes to our everyday culture have changed due to coronavirus. Jason and Evan discuss being adaptable to your environment and how to position yourself properly. 

What is a rentier ränˈtyā? Be a part of the elite, provide a service and safety, and understand the concept of economy rent. 

Key Takeaways:

[3:00] Necessity is the mother of invention, talking about creative destruction. 

[4:15] Location isn’t as important anymore: the big city has less draw. You can live anywhere in the world now with the work-from-home application. 

[8:15] You’ve got to be adaptable in an environment like this. 

[9:45] The answer to any reasonable question is yes. 

[10:00] The Rentier Class

[17:00] Some economic ideas, even Keynesian ideas, are counterintuitive. 

[18:30] Understanding the concept of economic rent being in the rentier class.

[22:45] When you buy a house, you are purchasing an asset that cannot be duplicated. 

[27:16] Compared to the amount of money creating, inflation has been low. 

[35:00] Briefly, how can investors profit from multi-generational living?






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