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Jason Hartman talks with Ross Wordon in today’s client case study. Ross Wordon started a fast-growing business from an Etsy store. His early interest in real estate sent him on an investment quest. After being a devoted listener of more than 500 episodes, he managed to purchase his first investment property and set into motion a plan to own 93 properties in 10 years. Jason and Ross break down Ross’s strategy to grow his investment portfolio and discuss options for growth and the financial freedom date. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:45] Since the Coronavirus outbreak; Travel is only 17% of what it was a year ago.

[6:00] Discussing wanderlust from the perspective of someone who’s business revolves around people’s desire to travel, amid a pandemic. 

[9:00] Ross shares his early interest in real estate. 

[12:30] Breaking down a 7-year real estate investment strategy. 

[21:00] Jason and Ross talk about the compounding effect of staying the course. 93 properties in 10 years. 







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