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Andrew Cushman of Vantage Point Acquisitions joins Jason to talk about rental scarcity. Andrew shares graphs and figures to paint a picture of real estate movement and migration in the US. 

In part two, Andrew and Jason discuss one of the new investors' first questions: where do I start building my portfolio? Popular cities sound like a great starting point, but the better investment opportunity might be a city you've never heard of. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] Discussing the "tricky" economy, with the odd unemployment compared to stock market success.

[2:00] Will this be the next great depression, or is everything going to be OK?

[4:00] The millennials, the largest generation, are getting to the point where they form households. 

[8:30] How much of a housing shortage are we looking at? 

[13:30] California is losing the people that have the desired incomes for rental property. 

[14:00] California is a banana republic. 

[20:30] Opportunity zone, is it overrated?

[22:30] Thou shalt not gamble; the property needs to make sense the day you buy it. 

[23:00] "I don't want to invest in Arizona because I don't want to be too spread out."

[25:15] How did you identify these growing markets early, before they stopped making sense?

[27:45] How do I decide what market to invest in?

[31:40] One of the best ways to protect yourself from an inflationary environment is to invest in real estate. 


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