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Today, Jason welcomes Kari Lake. Kari is an American former television news journalist and anchor for KSAZ-TV television station in Phoenix. She stepped down from her anchor role in March 2021. She is a Republican candidate in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election.

Key Takeaways:

[01:37] The left losing balance

[04:15] You can’t hear the dogs that don’t bark

[07:30] Backfire

[08:57] A tyrant’s dream

[10:09] What to do with BIG TECH

[16:13] Communism’s ugly little brother and the left agenda

[19:47] MGTOW

[22:55] Pulling on the heart strings

[26:04] California 2.0

[28:37] How to support Kari Lake



Covid checks all the boxes for a tyrannical dictator- Jason Hartman

What else says “Lack of faith in the future” but the choice NOT to have children- Jason Hartman

Unlike in Las Vegas, what happens in Arizona doesn’t stay in Arizona. The policies that affect us spread to other states-



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George Gammon Speaking at Empowered Investor LIVE

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The 2020s could well define the future of liberty for American citizens forever. Robert Barnes, founder of Barnes Law and attorney for George Gammon as they FOIA the Fed in an effort to ensure they haven't overstepped their bounds continually since their inception.

Jason Hartman and Robert discuss the case, why it's important, and why this is just the beginning.

Key Takeaways:

[3:45] Why the courts decided FOIA applies to the Fed

[9:12] The case against the Fed is, hopefully, going to show other people how to expose governmental entities that need to be brought to light

[11:19] What ramifications could this case against the Fed have?

[16:27] One of the FOIA requests is going to center on what the Fed has said about creating a digital governmental currency

[19:56] Why hasn't something like this been done before?

[24:06] Why the 2020s will be a defining decade for liberties


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Real estate investing has worked throughout history. It works incredibly well in the markets Jason Hartman recommends. But there's one thing that could derail it (and everything else for that matter), and it's a worldwide phenomenon.

Jason explains what's going on with the population of the world, and why it's a trend worth worrying about.

Key Takeaways:

[1:55] A declining population puts markets at risk

[6:32] For the first time in a long time, the life expectancy for Americans decreased

[8:43] We are thinning out our population deliberately for the first time in human history

[15:03] How our society is destroying families

[19:35] China is now suffering due to population timebomb

[24:47] Watching old movies and TV shows will show you the shift in society

[32:05] Japan's biggest problem isn't what economists tend to focus on

[37:50] What this all means for real estate investors


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The future of real estate and the future of renters looks pretty good. But that doesn't mean you can just buy and forget your investments, you still have to manage them. Jason Hartman recently did some reading on American's personal finance education and habits, and came away disillusioned.

Listen in as Jason goes over some important things about personal finance, and why you want to be a dairy farmer, not a cattle rancher.

Key Takeaways:

[4:00] Used cars have actually APPRECIATED lately

[7:26] Only about 50% of states require high schoolers to learn about personal finance

[10:39] About 80% of millionaires inherited nothing, and 27% of them never earned $100,000 in a year

[13:55] We need to delay gratification, but give ourselves some rewards along the way

[18:21] Are you a cattle rancher or dairy farmer?

[20:46] Muthiah's 5 Year Plan


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It's been a long time since Jason Hartman has done a listener question episode, so he and Adam sit down and get to some of the questions that have come in.

Listen in as the two explore how to attack coming inflation, why banks give out loans, the future of housing prices, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[2:37] Listener Question from Terry about profiting from inflation if you can't get an investment property

[10:21] Listener Question from CluverBusy about why banks give mortgages if it's so advantageous to the borrower

[15:58] Listener Question from Rich Jarsky: what's the best market to buy income properties in?

[24:10] Listener Question from Peter: What about when you can't get a fixed rate mortgage

[25:21] Listener Question from Ju Liu: Will we ever see housing prices go down?


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Just because you work for Jason Hartman doesn't mean you're automatically investing in real estate. Today's client case study is Brittney, who you've heard on the show before. This time, however, after 13 years of working for Jason, she's coming on as a client.

Listen to Brittney's story about why she bought, where she bought, and the fantastic news that came before her first tenant even set foot in the house.

Key Takeaways:

[3:34] Brittney closed on her first property recently and had some fantastic news right off the bat

[6:24] The pressure on rents is massive and you need to be upping yours

[10:23] Jason sold one of his properties, only to see the new owner rent it out for $200/month higher

[11:28] Brittney's first thoughts when she entered the real estate world

[15:30] Home owners can borrow $1.5 million and only pay $750,000 in interest over 30 years!

[18:29] As you go through time, continue to renegotiate your real estate deal


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Investment Counselor Adam talks with one of the network's lenders about what rates are available for investors, what's been driving the slowly rising rates, whether it's worth it to pay points on your loan, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[1:11] Rates are higher than they were 4 months ago, but where are they historically?

[6:35] What will happen to rates if the 7% limit is removed?

[8:24] Today's mortgage rates for a 200,000 property

[11:07] What breakeven is considered good for paying points on your loan?

[13:26] Does it make sense to put 15% down?


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Interest rates have increased since the start of the year, a lot of commodities that go into building a house have increased in price since the beginning of the year, so what's an investor to do?

Jason Hartman and Adam touch on these topics and also finish up their question and answer session with the live stream audience.


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This housing market has a lot of investors scared that we are at dangerous levels. But the fundamentals are in place for not just the current situation but for a continuous boom.

Jason Hartman and Adam look at the housing market today, whether it can be slowed down by rising rates, why the lumber prices are soaring, and answer listener questions.


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There are many different ways to invest your money. What's the difference between things like REITs and simply purchasing a single family rental? Both of them are, technically, investing in real estate, but only one of them gives you a multi-dimensional asset that you can control.

Jason Hartman dives into the two investments to see the pros and cons of each.


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Jason Hartman interviews Matthew Gould of Matthew Gould talks about different domain extensions that liken themselves to early adopters of the new decentralized web. Is China launching its own digital currency with a higher transaction speed, and could this affect the dollar? Gould works to ensure that the people, not the government or the big-tech corporations, get to define the internet in the modern world.  

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] People can move cryptocurrency around easier with over 50 different cryptos. 

[3:30] Gould speaks on the free speech concerns online. 

[6:15] What is DNS? 

[8:40] Is there a modern, blockchain, free speech-oriented hosting platform?

[10:00] Who gets to define what the internet will look like in the future?

[13:00] How are tech institutions a lack of government action?

[16:45] In the 1970s, the US had the best banking system in the world, ex: settlement speed and accuracy. 



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Keith Gipson, all-in poker hands, long holds on real estate and bitcoin vs. gold. Keith talks with Jason about his nine-year supreme court case, along with some of his poker and gambling stories. But Keith doesn’t gamble with everything; his real estate is diversified with long holds and high returns.

Key Takeaways:

[2:00] A little bio-hacking backstory.

[6:00] Beating the online casinos since 17 years of age. 

[8:00] Keith bridges his personal gap between gambler and real estate investor. 

[9:00] Civil asset forfeiture. 

[16:0]] Keith’s case went to the US Supreme Court

[19:00] Inflation v. Deflation.

[28:00] What free market?

[29:10] You can do so many amazing things with entities. 

[31:30] Keith talks about his properties in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Alabama. 

[35:15] “If you’re not long on income property right not, you’re going to miss the boat.” -Jason

[37:15] Bitcoin and the global currency situation. 

[43:00] Is money just a shared delusion?



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Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation joins Jason Hartman to discuss three different business models, from sales to services, everything from knife sharpening to pooper scooping. Build a side hustle to fund your vacation or fund your next investment property. Nick Loper is host to a podcast and author of a couple of books. His creative approach to building business outside of the standard brick and mortar has inspired thousands. 

Books: The Side HustleThe Progress Journal

Key Takeaways:

[0:45] Nick jokes that one of the best ways to build your side hustle is through a self-published book with extremely long subtitles. 

[3:00] If you’re looking to make money quickly, with the lowest barrier to entry...

[6:30] Who hires a lawn service? Twenty years ago, only 5% hired out. Now, it's closer to 40%.

[10:00] Podcasting still hasn’t reached its full potential. 

[15:45] 500+ Online Resources?



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Obviously, 2020 was a rough ride for most businesses, particularly those included in the travel industry. Eric Moeller, CEO & Co-Founder of STR Legends, gives us a peek into his business through 2020 in the Short Term Rental market. STRs aren't just about the real estate business but also hospitality. Airbnb made some massive decisions to cater to the guests' needs and not so much their partners in business, the hosts. These hospitality decisions shifted how STRs had to operate to maintain high occupancy.

Key Takeaways:

[2:20] In one year, the industry collapsed, there was speculation of AirBnB collapsing, and now a year later, the business model has changed, specifically the length of stay. 

[3:30] The urban markets have collapsed since COVID-19.

[5:00] Have the operators given cuts for longer stays?

[6:21] "30 Day Stays"

[9:55] "Home Instead of Home"

[12:30] Markets outside of major cities are doing 98% occupancy.

[13:15] Tiny home experiential markets, for the 30 Day Stay

[16:10] AirBnB decisions were being made to prop up their IPO rather than worry about their hosts.

[23:00] Even Google is trying to get into the short term rental market. 

[25:20] Airbnb is a great place for building your business compared to other OTAs (online travel agency)



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Saifadean Ammous, the author of The Bitcoin Standard, joins Jason to explain the three basic functions of money and why this matters with Bitcoin. Will Bitcoin push out the role of central banks? If so, why would the government let Bitcoin exist?

Saif continues discussing the government’s role or ability to have a role in cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. As well, what is time preference, and how does it differ from inflation?

Key Takeaways:

Saifadean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard

[1:00] Money has three basic functions of money:

[3:45] How does Bitcoin act as a base layer of money, similar to the central banks' settlement layer?

[8:00] Why would the government let Bitcoin exist?

[17:00] Have you been bitten by the Bitcoin bug? 

[17:25] Could the government make Bitcoin illegal?

[29:45] Is there a distinction between time preference and the time value of money, aka inflation? 

[31:45] Saifedean’s wife sells the chair he’s sitting on out from underneath him. 

[32:10] Art on the gold standard, will it stand the test of time?

[41:20] “A lot of people prefer to laugh than to think.” -Saifedean on Hedonism



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Jason Hartman talks with New Zealander and the founder of Landlord Studio, Logan Ransley, who shares his findings from his companies residential real estate index report. 

Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Real Estate felt grim mid lockdown. 

[4:00] Rental reports don't show the same grim eviction rates that 'click-bate' portrayed through the 2020 pandemic. 

[5:00] Rental graphs being depicted based on numbers of 10,000 active leases. 

[8:20] What percentage of rent REALLY being collected, and how late?

[11:20] "Although the rent was taking longer to be connected, it was still being collected at the same rate."


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


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Investment Counselor Adam talks to one of the lenders in the Jason Hartman network about what's going on with interest rates these days. People are locking rates below 3.5% on properties $100,000 and up! With rates being at a historic low, what is the timeline on closing a deal?


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New Year, New Goals, Same proven asset class! Jason Hartman invites you to celebrate with him another fantastic year of prosperity for all real estate investors practicing some of Hartman’s proven investment techniques. Following the celebration, we must look for the “what next” plan or goal. How do you build your goals? Do you write them down? Do you create realistically achievable goals? 


Key Takeaways:

[1:30] Let’s celebrate our prosperous year of 2020 and look forward to another great one to follow. 

[5:00] The Hartman Stimulus Payment CONTEST

[8:45] Be a self-sufficient person.

[10:00] 80% of Americans do not have goals, and even fewer have written them down. 

[10:40 New Years’ Resolutions are so cliche. 

[12:15] A goal should be just out of reach but not out of sight. 

[15:20] The Winner of the 5-Year Plan Video Contest

[15:40] Winner, Michelle, laid out how she and her family intend to achieve their income property goals. 

[21:20] It’s the kind of person we become just by trying. 

[22:00] SMART Goals

[23:00] Smartsheet from

[26:50] Balance out your portfolio. 


Jason Hartman Quick Start

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn)

Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)


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