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Today's episode is Jason Hartman exploring Commandment #3: Thou Shalt Maintain Control a lot deeper. Maintaining control in real estate deals has been discussed quite a bit before, but it's not just real estate where control matters. Jason explores the collapse of Enron and why it was such a surprise and why Commandment #3 is crucial even in those scenarios.

Key Takeaways:

[3:10] Airbnb hasn't been through a recession yet, so there's a lot that isn't priced in to the market

[7:12] The 3 major problems when you give up control in an investment

[13:01] The Infographics Show: The Business Deception That Cost $60 Billion

[16:06] The phrase "financial innovation" is a red flag when you hear it

[22:13] Most companies don't have people inside to pump the brakes, because everyone is incentivized to speak highly and show it in the best possible light

[24:33] Derivatives are the thing about the thing, but as an investor you want to be as close to the "thing" as possible



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The Infographics Show: The Business Deception That Cost $60 Billion

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Jason Hartman talks with 32 year old Ryan Narus about his journey buying mobile home parks the last few years. Jason and Ryan discuss how to source deals, how to build communities, and finding investors to help you buy properties if you don't have the funds.

Key Takeaways:

[1:15] What led to Ryan starting to invest in real estate

[4:33] How mobile home parks line up with Ryan's life views and desires

[8:26] Evicting tenants who live in your mobile home vs their own mobile home

[13:00] How to find and analyze mobile park deals

[16:22] How Ryan values mobile home parks

[19:44] Keep track of everyone you ever meet in this business, it's all about relations




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Jason Hartman talks with Thomas Jones, former vice chairman and director of TIAA-CREF, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Global Investment Management at Citigroup, and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Citigroup Asset Management. He was also the former Vice Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Jason and Thomas discuss Thomas' entrance into real estate, why Thomas is so bullish on America long term, and what sets America apart from the rest of the world.

Key Takeaways:

[2:31] Thomas and his bride actually started by bidding on 2 burned out buildings in Boston

[7:49] Thomas is perennially bullish long term, so dips in the economy are buying opportunities for him

[10:02] The changes on Wall Street over the years

[14:11] The most disappointing aspect to the reforms that have been made since the Great Recession

[19:19] One of the things that really sets America apart is the excited entrepreneurial spirit

[23:35] America faced a metaphorical crossroads in the late 1960s

[26:25] Our nation doesn't give itself enough credit for how far we've come, even though we still have a ways to go


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From Willard Straight to Wall Street

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